Data Gather and analyze data with analytical tools such as Google Analytics to improve search engine optimisation and search engine advertising
Innovation Innovation is creative ideas that are relevant. Learn ideation techniques, creative thinking and problem solving
Motion Find out what’s new in film, animation, video editing and how it can be used to tell your story
Storytelling To tell a story well is key in any business. You’ll practice your pitching, visualizing and packaging skills
Business How to lead a team, create revenue for a company and strategise
Design Get inspired to create useful and beautiful user experience, interface, pretty pictures, fashion and art
Marketing All about finding trends and needs in advertising, public relations, product placement and campaigns
Programming Programming is a way of communicating using APIs. Different programming languages, mobile programming, scraping, and hacking are on the agenda.
Misc* Sometimes we need inspiration from niche experts to solve problems within our area of content. We brought in speakers such as lawyers, choreographers and game designers